Published 23rd April 2024

Nikhal Malhotra

Replacement gap policy on a used car. Claim process was pretty straight forward. It got more complicated when they were unable to find a vehicle replacement as they stopped making my engine in the same model, well they do but they took the engine (3.0tdi V6 272bhp) out of a Audi A4 and put it into a Audi A4 S4 with a more enhanced power. I was told as they don’t make the same car anymore they offered to settle at invoice price plus 10%. I wasn’t happy with this as they didn’t take into consideration the specification of my car which had a lot of extras, after disputing this they was happy to look at a the higher trim level to get as close as possible. I was also told it can take upto 5 working days to hear back as it would need to be referred to an underwriter as the payment is over £15,000. Took 9 working days to hear back, claim started 19th May and concluded on 17th June. Happy with the result in the end however I feel it took longer than needed, had this not been the case I would have given 5 stars. Thank you Maggie and Liam for all your help.

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